Marie Morrell introduced, “A Work Easy Solution”, in 2007, and offers her services in Akwesasne, Cornwall, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SD&G). She wants to share, with everyone, her secrets on how to “reclaim one's life and space”, using work easy solutions.

Marie is also an avid collector and owner of The Collector’s Museum, Multicultural and Art Center - International, to be build in 2015, which will showcase 126 collections composed of over 30,000 items. Marie has never lost track of anything; every item is recorded and stored for easy access. Marie claims if it takes her more than few seconds to find an item's location, her system is defective.

Once Marie organizes your home or business, with a little will power and disciple, you stay organize. Everything has a place in a specific location. She achieves this task using the products offered by local businesses and her expertise on how to be completely organized. Marie can transform one’s life, fast and completely. Through professional organizing, Marie can improve your health and relationships, reduce your stress, increase abundance in your personal and financial life after clearing the clutter from your environment. Studies have shown you can enjoy 20 days of free time, a year, if you are organized.

Without organization and order, you are working on what is urgent, ignoring the important, putting out fires, hoping and assuming there will be time in the future to calmly change your working habits and establish filing systems. There are immediate and long-term benefits from the purely practical advantages to the energetic difference it makes in your home. You will feel the freedom to move on with your life.

Don’t delay; call Marie and start enjoying the rest of your life by knowing where everything is in your home or business and discard what you no longer need. Marie also offers services such as income tax business files organization, packing and unpacking for moving, staging for a home sale, home décor using what you already own and re-arranging it to give your home a fresh new look, and providing references for maintenance and repairs.


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